Are Mormon Mommy Bloggers Actually Selling LDS Faith?

We all know who they are. They have 5 kids, a gorgeous house, and seemingly perfect lives. We follow their every move on Instagram- not only are they Fashion Bloggers, but they seem to do it all, while never seeming to get their hands dirty. (News Flash: They’re not.)

I recently found an article from Desert News that seemed to sum up every suspicion of mine regarding the Utah/Mormom Mommy Blogger trends. The article, titled, Are Utah and Mormon Mommy Bloggers Creating a False Perception of Reality? perfectly describes this niche of blogging that seems to be growing the most. “There are fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, food blogs and photography blogs. And while blogging has grown to be a full-blown industry of its own, Mormon mommy bloggers continue to thrive.” (Desert News.)

In the article, Mike Thayer, who recently called Utah the “Lifestyle Porn Capital of the World” in a recent blog post, explains an instance of a blogger he knows who admitted to baking cookies completely by herself, and then going to fetch her kids from a nanny, making them pose for a picture before they can have one themselves. (No wonder the lack of flour or messy clothes.)

But religion analysts and behavioralists are also starting to investigate whether or not this trend in Mormon blogging as actually a collective advertisement for the Church of Latter Day Saints, or LDS.

In the same Desert News Article, one Blogger admits that she was encouraged by the LDS Church to use Blogging as a platform to spread the Book of Mormon.

Is the Mormon Mommy Blogger really a collected effort to make the LDS faith mainstream? I happen to know my favorite Fashion Blogger, Amber Fillerup Clark at The Barefoot Blonde, is also LDS- her photographer and husband David publicly supports the religion in the bio of his Instagram, for his 154k followers that pry further into Amber’s life, to see.



Supporting this theory, in an article titled “Mormon Mommies have the best Blogs” by The Star, Patrick Mason, a historian and the Howard W. Hunter chair of Mormon Studies at Claremont Graduate University in Southern California, explains, “Mormonism is a missionary religion. Members of the church are encouraged to share their faith with others,” adding, “Blogs have become a really popular way for them to do that, often times in a really low key way.”




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